Chalk Art Evangelist
Matthew Bowman

Matt was raised in Northern Michigan and was saved and baptized at the age of eight. He dedicated himself to the Gospel ministry at the age of 17. His early ministry started at the age of twelve when he and his sister Bethany began a Bible club in Boyne City. After spending weeks riding their bikes around town passing out flyers and knocking on doors, Matt and his sister had their first meeting with fifteen kids. By the next week attendance was seventeen. During the next six years, the attendance rose to around seventy kids and they saw many children saved.

In 1988 Matt attended a Basic Life Seminar and saw Bill Gothard do a chalk drawing. Matt had heard of how Bill had done chalk drawings and preached for the gangs in Chicago. In 1992-93 Matt attended classes from Rev. Ding Teuling in Muskegon, Michigan. From there, Matt had another course at Mid-Western Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan and another in Bear, Delaware.

Matt found chalk art and illustrations were very effective tools with the kids in his Bible club. This group was one of the most unruly; yet they sat totally still and attentive. Matt's back was to them as he preached and drew on the easel. They did not need helpers mixed in to help control the group.

Matt traveled with his parents in their ministry from 1992-2002. He is now married with a family of his own. He continues to present chalk talks on a very regular basis to adults and children alike making many trips over seas. He has preached to crowds of with as few as 7 and as many as 22,000. Matt's goal is to preach Christ and the hope of eternal life to anyone who repents of their sin and accepts God's free gift of Salvation.

Matt has spoken for church services, vacation Bible schools, revivals, banquets, US government officials, law enforcement conferences, home-school conventions. Christian and public schools, colleges, corporations, and open-air meetings.

Aside from this, Matt also owns Eternity Arts, a ministry that teaches chalk art ministry and manufactures supplies for missionaries and preachers around the world. Since 1995, hundreds have graduated from the program and many are doing Gospel chalk art full time.

Matt's Gospel chalk program can last from 15-45 min. He loves to preach and draw, but often preaches first and then draws. You can always count on the Gospel being shared in every presentation regardless of the subject of the drawing. Matt's desire is not just to draw a pretty picture, but also to share God's Word with people in a different way than they might have otherwise heard. Most of Matt's programs require a darkened auditorium since he uses black light.

If you would like to talk to Matt about your event, you may contact him for availability.

Phone: (231) 675-9210