The Logistics of
a Chalk Art Event

In traveling, Matt has found what works the best in the following areas. It is important to review these requirements so that he can minister and be at his best at your event.

What will it cost for Matt to come?

The Gospel should not cost the sinner anything. God gives salvation free. Therefore, Matt does not “charge” for our ministry. Matt never wants to miss an opportunity to share the Gospel if the church does not have the money for him to come. However, The Bible says in 1Corinthians 9:14 “… the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel. (KJV) Matt and his family live a simple life by faith with only part of their livelihood coming from the sale of chalk.

Matt does have expenses when he comes to do a meeting. Whether it involves him driving or flying, this expense should be a consideration in your event. We ask that these expenses be covered. Beyond that, Matt is content with a love offering on top of his expenses. If it is not appropriate to take up this type of offering at your event, other honorarium options can be discussed.

If your offering is not taken up as loose change offering, and one check is written, it may be subject to social security and income tax if it is over 600.00. Organizations that give any amount over 600.00 will have to submit a 1099for Matt. This is why many churches or organizations give loose change (cash) offerings or two checks, one for “expenses” and one marked “honorarium”.

Facility or Auditorium:

  • Have the auditorium darkened. This will insure that the black light picture will be clearly visible at the climax of the presentation. If the room is difficult to darken, Matt could discuss other possibilities.
  • Have a sound system with the ability to play a CD if needed
  • Provide a lapel microphone or notify us so that Matt can bring one

Accommodations and Meals:

Matt does many meetings each year traveling alone, but brings his family when he is able. At this time his family is young and it is harder for them to travel extensively. Accommodations should be private for study and preparation. As a general rule, Matt does not prefer to stay in homes, but your options can be discussed with Matt personally.

Meals: The Lord provides our needs through love offerings, and as we endeavor to live a blameless life, we have made a commitment not to eat at restaurants that serve alcohol. We would ask that if we eat out at all during our visit that we may be able to uphold our commitment.

How do I prepare?

  • Get excited about it.
  • Pray for God’s power on the meeting
  • Obtain information and put up a flyer
  • Invite your friends and the lost

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